User Engagement Strategies


Create and embed studies directly on your website with a click.

Do my users need to install anything?

No! Your users don't need to install anything to see studies on your site. Popupular integrates directly into your site, so your sites will be shown in any desktop or mobile browser without the need to install anything.

Can Popupular be used on Wordpress, Shopify, Wix, etc?

Yes! Popupular can be installed on any site where you can add Javascript tags to the Header or the <head> section of the source code.

Can Popupular be used on subdomains or multi-tenant web apps?

Yes! In fact you will only need to install the Javascript tag once and it will work across all subdomains, if you so choose. We also provide flexible targeting rules so you can cherry pick which (sub) domains should display which studies.

What happens when I exceed my plan limits?

We'll let you know it's time to upgrade well ahead of time! We'll notify you several times before your limit runs out and once again when it's been fully exceeded. After that we'll automatically upgrade you to the next views tier to ensure uninterrupted playback.

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